Monday, March 19

Spring Break

Well, since I am on Spring Break this week and able to (ahem!) tap into the neighbor's internet access, I decided that I would humor Laura and update my Blog.

It's spring- or at least it feels like it. Warm one day and cold the next, flowers on trees, and my favorite- strawberries. That's what I had for breakfast this morning. I'm going to finish them in a minute (it's like 9:00 am- I have slept in very late- for me) and then go crawl into bed and read a book Laura brought me last night. I'll have to post more about it when I finish reading it.

Laura and John Came to Nashville last night. They were on their way to New York for Spring Break. John Described the trip as a "Food and Art" trip. They'll see some art and eat some interesting food... hopefully they'll avoid the kosher pickles that they serve in some deli's instead of bread... blech. John even said he might bring me a black and white cookie... I'm not sure how he'd fly back with one- someone will probably think it's a bomb- but I'm very excited at the prospect anyway.

Speaking of John and Laura- I helped my Mom do a little spring cleaning last weekend and came home with one of Laura's paintings that I adore- please do not judge it by the picture I took. There's a better one somewhere on my computer but I can't find it- much like the card reader for our better digital camera. I'm not sure why i like this painting so much- it might be the color or the texture of the tree, but really it just feels comfortable to me. We haven't hung it up yet, but then, there's lots I mean to do around this house this week.

Other happy things-
Josh and I have been house hunting. We found one we really liked and then found out it was under contract- Boo!!!!!!!! It had a barn, a two car garage and the house was adorable.
Now Josh has found a cabin way out in Ashland city on 9 acres with two springs on the property and a woodburing stove for heat. We could start our commune! It's a bit too far from town for me, but we'll have to see. Josh may have me convinced purely for the fantastic garden tub in the master bathroom.

We looked at a lot of houses on saturday and none of them worked all that well, but our realtor said it might take a while. Well... what else is new in my life?
Wouldn't you like to know?


whitney said...
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Chara said...

HAHA! You make me laugh! Obviously there are a lot of people like David out there.
Hopefully Josh and I will get to visit Laura and John in a few weeks (after they get back from New York- they make me so jealous!)

Maybe we can have coffee?


whitney said...

coffee would be fun...but i live in texas now. =)

Shirley said...

You are such a tease!! What's NEW! lol

Millie said...

Hey Miss Chara,
It's good to see you are still out there blogging. What a cute house! Too bad!! There is another one for you and Josh.