Friday, March 23

Spring Break 2

Well, the week is almost over and here I am- having meant to take a bunh of pictures and post a bunch of stuff all week, but I didn't. I also haven't accomplished much.

I have been thinking about next friday- I'm taking off work to drive to Oklahoma for the wekend for my Uncle Craig's wedding. I'm nervous about leaving my little 5th graders with a substitute. They have a tendency to eat subs alive. I know this because my team-mate has been taking off a bit of time recently to schedule some back surgery and she's had a sub a couple times. Some of the subs were slightly... unfit... but they took advantage of the situation immediately. It makes me very nervous.

Oddly I've been having "bad teacher" dreams. For instance- my sweet children had a test and I worried about it for days. I dreamed that I forgot to make copies and that I lost my voice and I could gte them to settle down. This has not happened as of yet- nothing even remotely like it- but I still have these anxiety dreams. I think they're similar to dreaming that you show up to high school naked and have to make a presentation in front of your calculus class. I never took calculus, but I can imagine that's what it's like (as Anne Shirley would say).

Well, Mr Watson and I have decided to spend the day trying to find a house and getting my car checked over before next weekend's little road trip. I'll try to post again soon.


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