Monday, March 26

so sad

Well, Josh and I were excited this morning aws we got up to go to work. We were going to mak an offer on a house. I was supposed to go after work to sign some papers with our realtor, but I never heard from Josh and I started to get worried... apparently I should have been.

Our Realtor contacted the company selling the house nad they said- oops! we forgot to mark that it's under contract- and has been almost since we saw it last Friday apparently. Grrr!

This is not (for those of you who don't know) how I shop for things. I don't want to look forever- I would much rather go in, find what I want and get out. This is not the way you purchase a house. We're still considering this one on Labrador Lane But the stairs worry me and it's a bit of a drive to work.

Well... back to the drawing board. Maybe we should follow Josh's original plan of buying a piece of property and putting up one of the two-story storage sheds from Home Depot until we can build a house?


1 comment:

stefanie said...

i am a fan of the storage sheds myself ... as long as there's room for me to come visit. which i am seriously threatening to do, soon. ;)
oh, and i'm not sure ian's old enough to drive either!!