Wednesday, April 4

pins and needles

Well, it's been an interesting couple days. We went to Oklahoma last weekend- apparently I only really get carsick after dark, and we drove mostly in the day, so it wasn't too bad. My Uncle Craig got married- it was a beautiful wedding and I was really glad we went. Tandy seems to fit him so well and I really pray for the best for the whole family.

We went out to my Granny and Papa's house. We didn't go in- which is probably just as well. It was pretty hard just walking around the yard. It was a cool spring day and it had rained (realy really hard) the night before so the creek actually had water in it. I can't really remember how many years it's been since I saw the creek with any significant level of water in it. But OKlahoma has had a drought for a while.We also saw josh's parents- not long enough, but we did get to spend some time with them. I need to send Carol a copy of The Poisonwood Bible. When they visited earlier this year I loaned her a copy of another Barbara Kingsolver book and I was thinking that she'd like The Poisonwood Bible. It's rather long, but it's a good book. Also, Josh and I put a bid in on a house last night. We're sort of waiting nervously today for our realtor to call us and let us know how the seller liked our bid. I think she will, but until we hear I'm going to be a bit hyped up, I'm afraid. However, the Seller lives in Arizona now so she's in a later time zone, so we might not hear until this afternoon- Oh agony for Chara the Impatient!!

In the mean time, check out these pictures:

The house is a bit odd- or you could say it has a lot of personality! When you drive up you only see a door and the roof.

There's a Trom Wall along the south side of the house for natural heating. In the winter it should cut our heating bills- plus it's got a great porch that looks down ont he back half of our property which is entirely wooded. Apparently you see a lot of wildlife down there. And what else? A green kichen with tons of storage space and it opens to the living area. There are two bedrooms and two bathrooms and a small office. Nothing major will have to be done- just painting, cosmetic stuff, and some slight work on the sidewalk and decking outside.

I'm so excited and I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

Also, my brilliant husband got a promotion yesterday- so many reasons to celebrate!



Holly! said...

That house is super cute! I actually like the green kitchen haha. I hope you get it! Tell Josh I said CONGRATS on the promotion ;)

Laura and John said...

ooh, Chara, the pictures look great and I think the Trom Wall is very cool.