Monday, December 4

Christmas Season

I'm sitting here looking at this blamk screen thinking about how I want to update my blog, but it seems that I have nothing to say. Maybe it's just that there are things I cannot say in words. So I'll try to give you context.

Josh and I had lunch with some good friends yesterday... Andy and Suzanne just moved to Murfreesboro to open a new business. I really like Andy and Suzanne- we always laugh a lot with them. Suzanne was telling me about what it's been like on the lot of their new business since the actual business hasn't been too busy (still building and organizing and getting set up). So Suzanne has started playing Spider Solitaire (I encouraged her to just make the leap to two decks- it's thrilling!) a lot and one afternoon she was also watching Family Fued on the TV in the RV they're running the business out of at the moment. No one was around so as the opening credits came on Suzanne introduced the show at the top of her lungs: "Family FUED!"
And she she noticed a nice-looking man who had stopped into the lot. She blushed a little when she told me about it.
Man, I missed Suzanne.

I've been keeping up with my Aunt Beth's blog. She's moved back to Oklahoma and is looking for a job and living with my Aunt Patty. Its funny to grow up and find yourself re-defining your relationship with your family. My Aunt Beth's blog is very honest. She's having a rough time right now and she's so honest about it. It's sort of encouraging to be confronted with that kind of honesty.

I'm terribly embarassed, but I'm obsessed with this:

I had a blast last Friday night at the Dixie Chicks COncert in Nashville. It was a roockin good time. I went to dinner with my fabulous sisters and we all enjoyed the music. I miss doing stuff with my sisters!!

We put up the Christmas tree last week. I'm annoyed because it doesn't smell very strong- what's the point of getting the real trees if they don't smell?? I think Josh has the camera, so i'll take pictures later and post them for you.

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Brandee said...

OOOO Dixie Chicks! I'm so jealous. I would love to see them. Want to take Taylor for sure. Glad you had a good time.