Wednesday, December 6

Sad news

Well, no pictures. No pictures because I no longer have a computer. After work on mMonday i turned off my computer and went about my business around the house. When i tried to turn it on again- nothing. It comes on, but the screen is black. No Music, no pictures, no documents...

This is very bad for a girl who telecommutes.

So I'm at my parent's house using their super-duper internet access. Man I love the high speed of a cable modem. I can download this stuff really fast! Except I don't because I don't have a computer to put it on... GRRRR!

Anyway... My posts (sorry, they've been a bit infrequent of late) may become a bit (more) boring for a short while.

By the way- keep your prayers with these people... All of the craft blogs I look at are friends with the wife from her site (Doe)and while they've found Kati (the mother) they haven't found her husband James, who left the car to find help.

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