Monday, November 27

Busy Bee

Pics fromt he trip:

#1- all tunnels look alike whether they are in NY, WV or wherever the 3rd one was taken.

#2- you can get pretty bored driving for two days

#3- this is Tamarack in WV (?) which is sort of like an outlet for Folk artists. We bought some cranberry honey spread... MMMM.

We've been awful busy around here lately.

My whole family was in town for Thanksgiving- including my pukey younger sister... I'm really looking forward to May
Lots of good Thanksgiving food- including Aunt Beth's Cranberry Salad... I made it myself this year for the first time.

ABC Salad:
Cranberries, pecans and Orange slices (including skin)in food processor
Add sugar to taste....MMMMM!

Also, Josh and I got two Christmas Trees... Our first one was a little disappointing, so we are going to use it for garland.
I'll post pics later for all you Okies and In-Laws!

Six weeks until I leave NSN...
Kind of sad, kind of panicked!!! Teaching... me???? Wow...

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Meredith said...

The building after point number 3 looks cool. But I don't think I'd want to see it everyday. And a lot of things look the same no matter where you are (it helps to find some comfort when you travel), but that's just my opinion.