Tuesday, November 14

Road Trip!

Well, this is my new car... currently residing up east in New York. Josh and I will be flying up there this friday to drive back my pretty new car. It's blue.

By the way, This Road trip will not be as fun as it sounds- we're flying out tomorrow morning, taking a cab to the dealership and driving back. We are probably going to stop a bit in Washington to see the Mall and the Washingotn Monument (Josh has never seen it) but otherwise it's just a lot of driving. I'll try to take pictures just for fun.

Hey! If you haven't watched the video on the last post- go do it!


Sambo said...

I wish I could go on a Road Trip to New York. It sounds wonderful.
Have a lovely time. :]

Anonymous said...

can you believe people (you) are buying cars on ebay?!

Shirley said...

I'm so jealous that you're getting a new car AND a trip to New York!

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I really, really like your new car.
It is a nice color blue. I think
you will be very happy with it. You
know I love mine. Have a nice
trip and enjoy the scenery.

Colo. Carol