Tuesday, September 12

More about books

I have been trying to put together my Christmas list
(Many of you are scratchingyour heads right now about why I would do this, but obviously, you never grew up with my mother. She is already asking for Christmas lists. Also I figure I might as well start assembling it because I also have a birthday coming up)
and I realized that I am asking for almost nothing but books. I wish I had copies of all my Christmas lists over the years because they used to be so long and full of interesting requests. Now it's mostly books. I guess as we get older we don't ask for the same kinds of things... we ask for things that are really important to us.

So I saw this list of questions and I thought I might share...

One book that changed your life-
Elisabeth Elliot is one of my favorite Christian authors. I love this little book. It is so basic and practical. I can always go back to this book and find reminders about why I am a Christian- and what that means.

One book you have read more than once -
Despite my past indescision about Dean Koontz, I have read this book at least three times since I bought it because I love the themes and the whole concept behind this book. I adore the characters and the feeling of family you get just from reading the book...

Despite the fact that this book is about a million pages long (This is the uncut version) I could read this book once a month. I think there is something so explanitory and thoughtful about this book that makes you understand what it would be like to have lived through such a terrifying experience and have to rebuild life with thoughtfulness that eliminates the same old cultural problems that destroyed the culture to begin with. It's sort of appealing actually.

One book you would want on a desert island -
When I was registering for my first semester at Freed-Hardeman I had to get my schedule approved by my faculty advisor, Dr. Schull. He asked me this same question- which he apparently asks every student he is advisor to- and i answered with just the right answer. I had just finished Jane Eyre and I was in love with it, and he honestly believes that it is the pinnicle of literature. It has been a while since I last read it, but out of respect for Dr. Schull I would still have to take Jane with me.

One book that made you laugh -

I still laugh out loud when i read this book. Louis Sachar is probably one of the most intelligent children's writer there is. My 3rd grade Student Teacher read this book to us and did voices for every one of the animal characters.

One that made you cry -
Jerry Spinelli is a genius. His other books, like Maniac McGee are also just a bit off-beat, but make you want things to be better- to make things better. Stargirl is a true celebration of nonconformity.

One book you wish had been written -
This is one to think about...

One book you wish hadn't been written -
Sorry- I could take The Scarlet Letter, The Old Man and the Sea and even A Tale of Two Cities, but the whale is just torture.

One book you're currently reading -
I have been reading Jennifer Weiner lately and this book really tugs at me. I'm enjoying it...

One book you loved as a kid -
I read every one of the Happy Hollister books that I could get my hands on. They are incredibly not PC, but I would certainly read them to my kids anyway. They were just so much fun.

I loved this book too. I don't know why- maybe because the illustrations were so lovely, or maybe because Lavar Burton read it on Reading Rainbow and I loved Reading Rainbow.

One book that is your all time favorite (this year) -

Of course... I love Barbara Kingsolver because she really knows how to describe a situation so that you can understand the way it must feel- or at least empathize with it. I've already talked about how wonderful this book is, so if you want to read that, go here.


Anonymous said...

interesting list. Glad you arwe working on the Christmas list.

Love you,

Laura and John said...

ha, you've started your christmas list - I'm half done with my christmas shopping!

thanks, mom

Audrey said...

You have some great selections there. I really liked Life Expectancy, and Maniac Magee is a wonderful book.

I'm lobbying for a Christmas break gathering of the cousins. I don't care where, or how, but I think we should make it happen.

Love you and miss you.