Monday, August 7

recent books

I've been reading a stack of books I picked up when i was in Pittsburgh. Holly, Rishi and I took off on monday and went to JoAnn's and a used bookstore that we had seen when we took our trip to Office Max. THe bookstore did not disappoint. I bought 5 books for less than $10. All of them were hardcovers.

Paradise by Toni Morrison is the first one I read. I really enjoyed it- unlike Beloved because I felt like I could really cherish the women in this book. What I loved most about this book was how the women found their own way through the things that haunted them. They lived alone in that big house and healed themselves. It was very interesting.

I also read two books by Barbara Kingsolver: Prodigal Summer and Pigs in Heaven. I really love Barbara Kingsolver and Josh and I were lucky enough to get to hear her read from her new book (that should be coming out soon) sometime last year. I had only read a few of her other books before I read either of these and I really enjoy how well she pulls together the ideas at the endof the book. She doesn't preach, but she lets you know what she thinks.

I recommend all three of these books.


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