Wednesday, June 21

Things not worth a whole post:

1. I had a major accomplishment today! I made eggs, sunny-side-up and DIDN'T break the yolks!! Yay me!

2. I am growing an avacado plant. In theory, when it grows to be a foot long I can put it in dirt. Then when it gets to be about three feet I can put it in the ground and in six to ten years I might have avacadoes... Have I ever mentioned how much I love avacadoes??

3. My landlady is really annoying. Why is it that she always comes over when there is something I would prefer that she not see?

4. (Somewhat related to #2) I locked myself out of my house again the other day and had to crawl back in the only unlocked window in the house. Good grief!

5. I am too dependent on makeup! Yes- I am 26 and I still have zits! get over it! My real question is: do they ever really go away???

6. I look really good in hats! I'm not bragging- I just do!

7. Josh is really almost done with his thesis. maybe I will have to buy him a kayak after all...

8. I thought I had run the battery down on josh's camera, but I accidently kept turning it off. oops.

9.I finally have curtains in my Kitchen. I bought these neat handkerchiefs and have them draped over a bar at mid-window...
New curtains: $8.
Curtain Rods: $6
Not being seen naked by the neighbors first thing in the morning: priceless!

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treecup said...

I will turn 40 this year and I still get zits. So, nope, in some cases they never go away. Sorry!