Saturday, June 24

Josh pulled up the carrots today. According to the calendar they were supposed to be done. All I can really asy is that they did much better than last year.

While we were washing the carrots we found a little caterpillar and I put him in a jar with some of the carrot leaves and stems so maybe he would turn into a butterfly. However, he hasn't actually moved since I put him in the jar, so I think he might not turn into anything.

Also, I just wanted to post some pictures of the flowers in our garden. They will all eventually turn into food. What a neat thought!



Green Beans

Potatoes (okay, you won't eat these flowers, but they're really pretty!)

And here's Josh:


whitney said...

What will Josh eventually turn into?

Chara said...

WEll, now, that's a bit debatable. I guess I'll just keep watering and wait to see. :)