Friday, June 30

Over at Posey there has been much discussion of Inspiration

Mostly I get inspired by reading books and other craft blogs. I find it interesting that I get inspired by realizing other people's success. Sometimes even if i am not successful- it still makes me feel inspired to know that someone is.

So I have decided to make you all a list of the most inspiring things in my life (that is assuming anyone bothers to read this):

Well, what can I say? Of Course! It seems like every time I have come up with a big blank wall, there she is with some new idea, or a pretty photo on her blog that makes me think about something new I can try. Even when we lived together at pooh corner I was always finding that she had ideas that were new and fresh- my question is... where does she get her inspiration?

This is my friend, Holly's blog... Holly is seriously... wacky... and working with her in the office has always been quite a pleasure, but the thing that impresses me most is how she doesn't think there is anything she can't do. Check out her blog and the geometric art she made!! She's always got fun ideas and tons of energy- possibly because of all the "pop" she drinks. Oh and here's a fun fact.

And here's to all the craft blogs I really like. Besides the ones that are regularly on my links list, there is:
Posey gets Cozy (as mentioned before)
Little Birds
Angry Chicken
And Wardrobe Refashion '06

Okay- no laughing! While my home is still not all that super-clean I still do better on a daily basis than I did before I found her. However, the thing that this has really been inspiring is a bit more work at my job- which utterly lacks inspiration right now. It's just a matter of doing what's good for you- even if that means sitting alone in your house for 12 hours a day and- instead of just reading a million craft blogs until Josh gets home- actually working and getting things done.

All the Non-Internet Related things:
simple projects
Creepy Crawly things (By the way, he isn't dead!)
And finally, my husband.

So that's all I've got for now...Anyone want to share something that inspires you?

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