Thursday, December 8

Holly S-T-O-T-T

I just found out that Holly- the girl I share an office with- tried to change her middle name to Shakazulu when she changed her last name on her social security card after she got married. Apparently, she wanted to be named after some African Zulu guy that they made a movie about. The woman at the window in the SS office told her she couldn't do it because you can only change your name because of marraige, unless you want to go to court to have it changed.

I think maybe that the lady was lying to spare her a life of difficulty.

Holly Shakazulu Stott. Sounds like a soda.



Laura and John said...

I haven't done that yet... have you?

Chara said...

Actually, yes- the Johnson City Social Security office is not the cleanest, nicest place on earth, but I did sit in one of their plastic chairs for about 45 minutes and change my name to Chara Nextel Watson