Friday, October 28

My husband-

An Ode-
To my husband-
Who fixed my car- twice-
Who always talks to me- even if I'm trying to sleep-
Who does the dishes- when I haven't- and they start to stink-
Who enchanted me with his green shirt-
Who took me to Sweetlips on our second date- and didn't kiss me for eight months-
Who pronounces it franchiSe instead of franchiZe-
Who eats my weird concoctions-when I am coooking-
Who helped me duct tape posterboard teeth on my car for Halloween-
Who gets me water when I have a headache-
Who knows everyone- and remembers their name- so I don't have to-
To my husband-
An Ode.


Laura and John said...

aw, joshy poo

mtnman said...

This guy sounds awfully familiar. By the way, check out this nice list blog.

stefanie said...

- aww! i miss you two!
and am thinking of two very relieved, smiling and teary people saying their vows to eachother. i love you chara and josh. =)