Tuesday, March 14


Well, I have been- as the name of this post suggests- convicted.

I was reading Jeremy's blog and I realized that I have not been writing in a long time. Over the last few years inspiration has come sporadically to me- occasionally it will politely request my attention and at other times it just stands behind me and hums loudly. I have ignored it more often than not.

I have a friend who started his blog with the intention of posting a new piece of original writing every day (I would put a link on here but Jones is currently living in Louisiana cleaning up after Katrina's tantrum.) Some of it was thought provoking, some of it less than- but the point is that he had an excercize in mind and he disciplened himself so that he could grow.

I am a little peeved at myself for not having realizd why I am finding it so difficult to establish balance (I hadn't really posted anyhting on how that little resolution was going, but I have to say that it's not going well... much change tends to create disequilibrium, and make it difficult to establish balance) in my life. It just hit me while reading aforementioned blog that I have always been the most mentally healthy when I have been writing. It's part of creating emotional and mental balance for myself- I have a tendency to live largely within myself- writing allows me to live more externally.

So- I'm not exactly going to write some new piece on here every day, but if i don't produce something at least once or twice a week- you should all start to harass me!

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stefanie said...

*harassing* but only if you harass back. ... hey, when shall i come visit you? love.