Monday, March 13

Personality Revisited...

So Karen sent us all the Personality profiles that we took- I knew some of what I got, but Karen and her husband apparently created a computer program that more accurately pinpoints personality types. So, Karen spent a portionof the morning going over our personality types and talking about our roles and what we are best suited for.

last time I said that i used to be an INFP- and I did. However, after talking to Karen I think that what I really am is an ISFJ. I started reading through the ISFJ and I think it describes me much better than the INFP does (now).

If you know what your personality type is I suggest that you go here:
and look through the relationships section, the personal growth section.

Some things I found particularly interesting about myself:

  • Excellent organizational capabilities (Something I am learning about myself)
  • Usually good (albeit conservative) at handling money (So true!)
  • Take their commitments seriously, and seek lifelong relationships (Absolutely)
  • Extreme dislike of conflict and criticism (No Comment)
  • Unlikely to express their needs, which may cause pent-up frustrations to build inside. (I'm actually getting better at this!)
  • Have difficulty leaving a bad relationship and difficulty moving on after the end of a relationship
  • May be unable to shrug off feelings impending disaster. (there have been instances when this has been bizarrely true)
  • You are adept at seeing the right balance, the best way to make the world look and feel good. This talent enables you to make your world reflect your inner self and become a place of security and growth in which others can feel at ease too.
  • You see clearly what is right and wrong, what grates on yourself and others, what works for harmony and what does not. Your clear recognition of these things gains you the confidence and respect of others.
  • Within yourself you know, even if others do not realise it, that for as long as they are trying to do their best, you will hold the line with them to the very end. You see this as simply doing the right thing, but in fact it is a special virtue and makes you one of the most worthy of partners and friends when the chips are down. (I sometimes wonder if this is not a downfall)
I am very interested in what other people find out about themselves- see reflected of themselves.


stefanie said...

hmm... very useful. i'm ENFP right down the line. 'specially found the stuff on relationships insightful for me. yeah. and the whole need for ideals, and being centered in them plus the tendency to not finish things i don't find exciting. fun stuff.

Laura and John said...

do you need a password to get into that page?

Laura and John said...

most of what i saw on the site (when I finally got on it...) was the same as what i've read before. One new thing to me was that INFP's are not very detail oriented in daily life, but they are when it comes to something they care about - which is definitely true about me.

I've often thought i was contradictory in this way, carelessly ignoring recipes and patterns and halfway cleaning, but then rigorously noting details in religious studies and art.

I feel affirmed.