Saturday, March 18

Bad Haircut

Okay- yesterday, right out of the salon it wasn't so bad. I actually laughed about it.

However. As time passes I am starting to realize that there isn't anything I can do with it. I look like a boy who badly needs a haircut and i can't curl it or makeit lay down. Who knew my hair had body? Not me! Well, all I had to do was chop enough of it off and now it stands straight up.

And by the way- I am pouting.

This was after an hour or so of trying to make it do something normal. Urgh.


Laura and John said...

Oh, you got a Peter Pan haircut! It's not so bad, in fact it looks cute.

But, I know that won't make you feel better, so how about this: don't worry you work from home!

stefanie said...

=) i agree with laura, it is cute. but it's no good when it's not what you expected. just don't go and spend $80 on highlights to "improve" it like i did mine 2 yrs ago. the good thing: hair grows! and you've always had such pretty hair.