Monday, March 28

Performance issues

Just so you all know- I DID edit this!

I realize that I have, perhaps been vauge about how I intend to structure
my final performance for my independent study as well as my
performances in general when i graduate. So I have decided to explain
this as best I can. I would like any feedback that comes to mind as well
as questions.

(This mostly for Delanna, but I have sent it to others of you as well-
those of you who ask wonderful, thought provoking questions- so feel

Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to have several
conversations with Doug Lipman, and in trying to clarify my intent and
my "mission statement" for my storytelling, I realized that one of my
biggest desires for my storytelling is that it would be able to unite
women of all ages so that younger women would be more inclined to
go to older women for advice, and perhaps even encourage the older
women to reach out to the younger ones. I hope to tell stories that will
not only stress the importance of interdependence, but also to provoke
or jumpstart conversations among women. I started to realize how
much of a need there was for this when I realized this past summer that
my grandmother had a whole life that she had never shared with her
family- and that if she had shared it, or even if I had just known about it,
I might have been inclined to do some things differently in my life.

Because I believe that I will have the easiest time applying this to
Christian settings in the beginning, I have decided to structure my final
performance (afternoon of April the 16th)around this idea. I have
already begun asking several people from my church that I trust to
give me honest feedback- people who I think would be interested in
a program like this- to attend on that date. My tenative plan for the show
is to start it off by telling a story, already in my
repertiore, and then talking about why I think it is important to develop
relationships among women of differnt age groups. After I have talked
about this I am going to tell a story about Ruth and Naomi- they seems
to have had a wonderful interdependence on one another that illustrates
this quite well. I will also use at least one other bible story and at some
point I want to break everyone up into smaller groups for about ten to
fifteen minutes for some discussion- probably share a moment
when better judgement should have prevailed... mostly funny stuff to
keep the younger girls involved.

I am working on a Girl's bible study book right now, which is still in
planning stages. hopefully this will help me organize and structure a
better version of this performance for the future.

Anyway, that's a pretty simple explanation of what I want to do. I
think this has some application in non-Christian setings as well, but I
think that I will have more opportunities to speak in a Christian venue.

Feel free let me know what you think or ask whatever questions that
you think my help me... Also, check my blog while I am working on
all this- I hope to keep everyone up-to-date as it goes.


Khalil Gibran wrote: "Should we all confess our sins to one another
we would all laugh at one another for our lack of originality."

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michele MD said...

Sounds like fun! If you want to invite UT girls you can email the campus minister at
Looking foward to it!