Tuesday, February 15

A new post!!

Josh reminded me today that it had been a while since I had last written. He also reminded me that this is partly so I WILL write- so today i decided to post something- so I would be writing.

I put a poem on here a while back ( I think you only have to scroll down a little to see it) called The Orange. I have been trying to focus on positive things lately and I think this poem was just what I needed. You should read it.

Here's something else I think I found at just the right time.

Cliff Klingenhagen

    by Edwin Arlington Robinson
Cliff Klingenhagen had me in to dine
With him one day; and after soup and meat,
And all the other things there were to eat,
Cliff took two glasses and filled one with wine
And one with wormwood. Then, without a sign
For me to choose at all, he took the draught
Of bitterness himself, and lightly quaffed
It off, and said the other one was mine.

And when I asked him what the deuce he meant
By doing that, he only looked at me
And grinned, and said it was a way of his.
And though I know the fellow, I have spent
Long time a-wondering when I shall be
As happy as Cliff Klingenhagen is.


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Justin said...

I just stumbled upon your blog while searching for people from around my hometown. That and the Robinella...
Anyhow, good luck with everything, maybe I'll see you someday at the festival in Jonesborough.