Wednesday, April 6

It's getting closer

As I come closer and closer to the end of this semester I am becoming more and more aware of how valuable my time and my activities are right now. Next wednesday (1 week!) I have my final Oral exam so i can graduate from the program. I have to tell one story and answer a bunch of questions and present the article I have been writing for Dr. Isbell. That following Saturday I will be giving my final performance for my independent study.
It's really that second one that has been worrying me. I have several stories from differnt genres that i intend to share. I am (sadly) still trying to identify the last story I need. I need a light story that will help spark conversation- something that is about asking for help when you need it and will help my audience want to open up and share. Possibly something embarassing for hte main character.
I was contemplating this conundrum when my phone rang this afternoon.
About a month ago I mailed a letter to the woman that i thought was the storyteller I heard when I was in the 7th grade. She called me this afternoon. We talked for about an hour and she suggested some books and a story and offered to let me call or e-mail her any time. She said she wanted to be able to help promote me in any way possible.
What I found really interesting is when she told me that the first storyteller she ever heard - and possibly the reason she became a storyteller- was Carol Birch. Carol Birch was the first storyteller I had as an institute instructor this summer- the woman who pointed out to me that I was hiding behind myself and I wasn't claiming my space as a storyteller. It's funny how the same woman has so deeply impacted both of us.
Well that's a lot of writing for someone who has woefully neglected her blog, of late!
Hope everyone is doing well.


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Audrey said...

You HAVE woefully neglected your blog of late, and it makes me
I know that you will do exceptionally well on your exam and your story.

I love you!