Wednesday, January 26

new stuff

Well, I had a 3 hour phone conversation with Doug Lipman yesterday. It was very interesting and it made me aware of some things I should have been doing before now, but then again it's never too late to start.
I guess there were a few main things that I learned from the conversation:
  1. Marketing yourself is really just a lot like dating: don't work for/date people who don't need what you have to offer. Have integrity enough to let someone go if you realize you're just not a god fit. Also, if you're desperatethe relationship will fail. Have the integrity to be picky about your shows and your dates.
  2. Be specific. Don't try to fit what everyone needs or no one will see you are fitting what they especially need. Specialize and you will find GOOD audiences (good for you and good for them).
  3. Get feedback from everyone- and make sure you can quote them for testimonials if you need to. They can tell you why a show didn't go well, and why it did. They can tell you what needs you fulfilled that you may not have noticed.
So that's mostly just a summary- although there was more.


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michele MD said...

Here's a testimonial: Chara's the most awesome storyteller I know! (grant it she's the only storyteller I know :o)) Good advice and I look foward to leading Thurs night Bible study with you!