Thursday, August 19

Marching orders

It's funny that I am here (At school) to be learning to be an artist and yet I am trapped in my little office doing quantitative research. I hate research. I hate statistics. I hate that I am not expanding my artistic self instead of writing a literature review.
I guess that we all have a mittle medicine to swallow.

I would like to think that every post I make would be brilliant and filled with little golden nuggets of insight and perfection, but I honestly don't know that I have much to say at this point that is all that interesting. This is the boring part- the part before I actually get to do anything or before I get anywhere in my journey. I've got my marching orders nad now I have to march for a while before I can get to the interesting stuff.
Perhaps next time I will post a story.


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salida stage right said...

Marching can be boring, but it is integral to reaching your destination. Storytellers are good at finding life in the midst of marching. Most of us other marchers just don't have the same view as you tellers.