Tuesday, February 18

Five Ways to Win My Heart

1.  Love my kids.
If Sadie will sit in your lap and talk to you, I'll want to cozy up next to you and talk to you as well.  If Caroline smiles, teases you, and asks you if you like her clothes, I'll want to smile at you and ask if you like me, too. If Jonah shows you what he's drawn and you ask him questions and take him seriously, I'll want to show you things I've created and explain them, as well. Be kind to them.  If you do that, you will have been kind to me and my heart will be yours.

2.  Talk to me about books I've read.
If you can ask me about the books I've read and want to know why I love them, and then listen while I explain how they changed me.  If you take the time to know who my favorite poets are and what all my favorite poems are, my heart will be yours.

3.  Listen to the things I don't say.
I have a hard time opening up sometimes, but if you pay attention at all, it will be obvious if I'm sad or tired or angry.  Don't ignore it.  I might not want to talk about it, but if you care for me, let me know that you see me. Let me know that what I feel (which often feels like a burst dam) is important, and that it's okay, even if it doesn't make sense and my heart will be yours.

4.  Hold my hand.
Or touch my face, or pat my back, or kiss me, or put your arms around me, or tickle me, or put my feet in your lap, or sleep beside me, or slap my behind, or push my hair behind my ear, or lay your head in my lap. Your touch is part of what will make my heart yours.

5.  Make me laugh.
Share the things that make you happy, and the things that make you laugh.  If you can make me laugh, my heart will be yours.

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