Friday, April 20

I wish...

*Disclaimer: I want everyone to understand that I'm not wishing my life away, or the early years of my children's lives. This is purely about identifying where I want to go*

In five years my children will be in school and I will have my days back. I'll still teach at least one adjunct class of Comm II for OC every semester, but I will also be teaching a class on Communicating Through Story, which will be an applied storytelling course. It will encompass any and all majors at OC and will focus on the ways we can use story to communicate ideas in order to connect better with whatever audience we wish to connect with.

I will also be spending a good bit of my time writing.  I will have published one book of devotionals for young Moms, and will be speaking at least six times a year to women to encourage them in their journey through the changes in their lives, and in their relationship with God.

I will spend at least three hours a week running and I will get down to that ideal, healthy weight I've been wanting to get back to.

My son will be nine years old, my daughters will be seven and five.  Caroline will have given up her pacifier and everyone will be potty trained.  I won't be having any more children, instead I will be spending my time trying to make sure my three babies will be prepared emotionally and mentally as they grow.  We'll read chapter books every night, and we'll be able to talk patiently with each other before they go to bed.

Josh and I will be closer to each other than we ever have been.  We will study the Bible together and pray before we go to bed.  We'll be able to make time to go out together about once a month, and go out of town for our anniversary again.  Josh will be ABD, and completely stressed out, but we will both be okay with the time that he spends away from our family because he will be almost done with his doctoral program.

And I'll have a decent garden every summer, and I'll learn to sew well enough to make a few things for my children.

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