Friday, April 20

1000 Gifts #10

161.  Rain and green grass- I don't think the grass has been this green in Oklahoma since 2007
162.  Unexpected quiet time
163.  Baby snuggles- There is no better way to wake up.
164.  Cookie Dough- Yum.
165.  lullabies
166.  Two-Year-Old Snores
167.  My Mom and Dad- I have truly amazing parents.  
168.  The Mall playground- I spent twenty minutes watching Caroline play there today.  I watched her play with strange children and scold the big boys who were running and knocking little ones down.
169.  My Aunt Glenda- It's so lovely to have an aunt who is so giving and fun.
170.  Eyelash curlers- why didn't I buy one of these before?
171.  Stranger who are kind- some lady helped me out in the parking lot at the mall today when I couldn't figure out what was up with my stroller.  It was crazy windy and she was so patient and helpful.
172.  Pinterest- so many interesting things that I didn't know.  Also a great way to waste a little time.
173.  Being able to breast feed my babies.

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