Thursday, January 5


For so long my prayer has been- Not until after Christmas.  I just have too many little projects that have to be completed before Sadie comes, so Lord, please let her wait until I have a chance to get past Christmas!

And she did.

I'm not technically due until the 14th, so I'm really still quite early to be so impatient, but I'm also very worn out.  My body hurts.  For the last few evenings she has decided to stick her behind out just over my belly button.  My only recourse is to push back to lessen the pressure, but it doesn't help much.  There are lots of hot baths and sitting on my exercise ball, but mostly I'm just ready to be done.

And then there's the kids... Jonah knows it's coming, which has made him a bit difficult and it's hard to explain to Caroline, so I'm afraid she's just in for a big shock.

Life changes so quickly, and it seems like there's nothing to do but to go along and try to adjust in the moment.  To take a close look at how you are dealing with things and to constantly gauge whether your own approach is still appropriate for the situation. There are lots of times when I feel like I just need to catch my breath.  I just needs to take a moment and step away from all of it and remember who I am and what I am passionate about.

My kids.  My husband.  Stories.  Not necessarily always in that order.

I'll have a new story to tell soon.

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Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux said...

Best of luck, Chara--do you feel like an old pro yet? I'm curious what it is like to have some of the mystery taken out of the experience.
I had an energy/massage session the day before Ennis was born. I was really working on releasing what needed to be released, and though I thought to myself, "not you, baby, and not the mucus plug," because it was over a month to my due date, it must have worked. Everything turned out fine and I went into labor the next morning. So I think there is power in that sort of prayer--for release and for the time to be right. I look forward to reading this new story!