Friday, December 9

Christmas Crazy

So, I haven't posted in so long that I'm sure most of you think I forgot I even had a blog.  The truth is that I didn't feel like I had anything to say, and what I did have to say was mostly complaining about the craziness that is December.
Yesterday I gave my final exam review for my Comm 2 class at OC.  On Tuesday I will give the final exam, grade them all and be done with it.  In them mean time I have a few grades to input.  Mostly, my mind is on Christmas, though.  I have a list, but I still haven't purchased about half of it, plus the wrapping. My saving grace will be the kid's Mother's Day Out program.  It's going to give me two days to go shopping alone.  Well, two five hour windows.
We haven't even decorated the tree.  We got it on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and it sits with lights and star, but no decor.  Kinda sad.  
Also, what do you buy for an 18 month old for Christmas.  I have no problem coming up with great ideas for Jonah, but Caroline seems to be getting the short end of the stick.  I suppose it doesn't matter too much since she can't tell that she's gotten less, but it makes me feel bad.  Maybe I'll buy her extra clothing or something?

After Christmas we'll have to get all the decorations down pretty quick and rearrange our room because baby Sadie will arrive just after the school semester starts back in January.  Fortunately babies don't take up much space when they are very little, because she will be sharing a room with me and Josh for a while.
In the mean time I'm feeling large and awkward, and still pleading with this sweet little girl to take her time.  No matter how cumbersome I feel, or how achy I get, I can care for her a lot easier, and sleep much easier if she stays put, than if I'm also running around like a lunatic trying to get my house rearranged for her, or trying to buy Christmas gifts.  I'm only 35 weeks (on Saturday) so it's unlikely she'll be here before Christmas, but it's still a worry, since I've already dropped and I've been having lots of practice contractions.

Most of all I'm a bit sad.  I love Christmas.  I want it to be magical and fun for my children.  I want it to take a slower pace and for us to be able to spend some time together, happily enjoying each other's company.  I don't want to stress over timing and to-do lists.

So we're doing the Elf on the Shelf, which Jonah thinks is a hoot.  I'm trying to plan a time when we can drive around to look at some lights and hopefully we'll get to decorate the tree tonight.  And all the while I'll be trying to put all the deadlines and upcoming events out of my mind.

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