Thursday, August 25

1000 Gifts, post #6

97. Squash
98. Finishing projects
99. Good women friends, even if they are far away.
100. The ability to stay home with my kids.
101. My fabulous bathtub
102. Skype
103. Tums
104. Jasper Fforde (if you haven't read his books and you are a complete book nerd, you need to read them)
105. Having a God who listens when we pray.
106. Baby movements
107. The funny things that Jonah says that completely catch me off guard (Apparently, being hot can give you bad breath).
108. That Caroline can put herself to sleep at night.
109. Having a very handy husband.
110. My job
111. Forgiveness
112. Having a husband who makes me laugh.
113. Falling temperatures.

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