Friday, December 31

End of the year

So it's almost 2011 and I should probably post a nice reflective post on my year... but honestly I'm too exhausted.  I've been up since about 5:30, though I did have a nice nap today (thanks, Honey!), but that is not really what I mean.

A recurring theme over the years has been my search for balance, and that has taken different forms at different times, but it is something that I have been more or less successful at until recently.  Josh had surgery and my children are demanding a lot of my time, and then there were the holidays...

I'm starting to think that part of the problem is that I have unrealistic expectations for myself- goals too high to be reasonably attainable without help.

Maybe this post is more reflective of the last year than I thought.

I won't be posting here for a while (not that I've been very good about it lately anyway, but...) so i can regroup and maybe find some focus for myself.  I'm not the best at disciplining myself, and that's something I want to think about as well.

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