Sunday, November 14

1000 gifts, post #3

45.  My new Vacuum cleaner
46. Babies who learn to roll over, and over, and over.
47. Quiet music
48.  Running
49.  Chili
50. Josh and Josh and Josh.
51.  Cookie dough
52.  Pumpkin Spice scented lotion
53.  Sunday afternoon naps.
54.  Babies who reach for you to hold them to go to sleep.
55.  An abundance of oxyclean.
56.  Cooler temperatures
57.  Hot Chocolate
58.  My Mother-in-law
59.  Being able to go to God in prayer
60.  That my son's favorite song is Victory in Jesus
61.  That my daughter's favorite thing to grab is my husband's beard
62.  Dishwashers

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