Tuesday, October 19

The meaning behind the name

Day 2:
today's assignment was to explain the meaning behind my blog's name.  Well... I started this blog while I was in grad school and it was my husband's idea.  I had actually forgotten that until i went back and looked at my first post again.  I intended it to be a way to keep in touch with my family and let them know what I was doing, and to kind of reflect on what I was doing in Grad school.  In my first post I liken myself to a wallflower at the dance.

That's the story... but there's more.  I realized after a couple posts that I had completely stolen the name of my blog from Dr. Joseph Sobol's book, "The Storyteller's Journey" about the process that brings storytellers to the art form.  He interviewed a bunch of storytellers and then found connections to the heroes journey in their stories... it's actually a good book to read if you're wanting to become an artist.

So what does the name mean to me now?  In a lot of ways, it means the same thing it meant then: this is a record of the process of becoming a storyteller.  I was called to an adventure, and maybe I'm spending some time in the belly of the whale right now, but it's all part of a journey.  Even the frustrating parts where I don't actually get to spend much time telling stories to anyone but my children.

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