Wednesday, September 1

What if...?

I read this last night and I decided that it might be worth a try.
 The idea is to brainstorm five “what if?” questions as quickly  as you can. Take this assignment seriously, but do it fast. What will happen is that you’ll begin to dream, you’ll stop thinking of life as stagnant, and you’ll be reminded that life, for the most part, is what you make of it.

So here are my 5 questions...
1.  What is I just enjoyed being a Mom as much as possible and stopped letting myself get upset and stressed?
2.  What if I committed to eating no sugar for a month, like Emily did?
3.  What if I committed to running a 5K before the end of November and really started running 3 times a week to prepare?
4.  What if I committed to doing Jonah's calendar time with him every day?
5.  What if I really became involved with storytellers in the area?

What if I did?  
What are your 5 questions?


Chara said...
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Chara said...

6. What if I kept my journal up on a daily basis?
7. What if I learned how to do all the things i want to learn to do, but am too afraid to spend time trying (sewing, piano, baking)??