Sunday, August 29


My title is a Dewy Decimal joke... just for all you storytellers and librarians out there.  Also, this is apparently post number 398 on my blog.  Just so you know.

Lots going on:
~One really dumb AHA!  moment that I'll probably share with all of you later.
~Trying to figure out what to register for at the Oklahoma City Storytelling Festival Workshops.  I'm so excited, but I have a class that day.  Kicker?  I'm offering my students extra credit if they attend workshops at the festival.
~Classes start tomorrow at OC.  I'm teaching only one section of Comm 2, but I'm excited.  I've worked pretty hard on my syllabus and on the class in general- changing a speech for a story, creating my quizzes and tests ahead of time, and putting everything on a calendar before the semester starts so I'll know exactly what I'm doing well in advance.

I guess it doesn't sound like very much is really going on, but with Jonah and Sweet Caroline demanding as much attention as any 3 year old and 3 month old will... well, it's been a lot.  Fortunately, it's started to cool off a bit outside and Jonah can spend more time playing outside (now that the temperature is under 100 degrees) and that leaves me with a baby who is highly entertained by the rotation of a ceiling fan.  That's how I plan to grade test and quizzes anyway.

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