Saturday, May 2


Right now we are waiting. As Jonah would say, we are being "pashun."

What are we waiting for? Well, we're waiting for Jonah to figure out that he is not, in fact, trapped in his bed, but could get up at any time. We converted his bed today from a crib to a toddler bed. It was kind of a sudden decision, but it seemed like a good time. He wasn't really buying into it at nap time, but that's probably because he's kind of used to going to sleep with me at nap time. (It's not his bad habit, it's because I've taken to sleeping with him at nap time. So it's my bad habit, it guess.)

He did enjoy jumping on and off of the bed without help. I think he thought it was funny. But now we've sung songs and read the Bible and given kisses, and he's supposed to be sleeping in his bed. He's silent. He hasn't gotten up or cried. I think he might have just rolled over and gone to sleep. I think we may not really have to do anything to get him to sleep and stay in bed tonight. I guess we'll just have to wait and be pashun.

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