Tuesday, May 12

Robots, Corn and Flowers

We've gotten to spend a little time in the yard lately, despite the constant rain. Also, we've discovered the flowers we didn't know we had- iris, peony, lilacs...

And Jonah has enjoyed spending time playing outside. Here you see him in his new favorite shirt. If you ask, he'll tell you what's on it.

And here he is enjoying another of the bounties of warm weather (or the bounty of california, I'm not sure).


Mindy Mehaffey said...

Oh, Chara! He's turning into a little boy. His face is getting longer and less chubby... I'm kindof really sad about it!

Your flowers are beautiful. So lucky to already have them planted!

I hope the Watsons enjoy the springtime! Miss you over here in Nashville!

Anonymous said...

Loved watching this and the sounds!
Great to watch and hear. See you all soon.

Nana Carol