Monday, February 2

Still here

So night weaning went okay. Four days and Jonah had the picture. He's pretty smart.

Sadly he is a little too smart for his own good. We started sleep training him and discovered that he can climjb out of his crib. We lowered the crib so he couldn't do that and he still climbed out. It's less impressive if your kid falls asleep because he's got a concussion, so we talked to some of the other mothers at church and I did some research and we decided to do some controlled crying. It's like CIO but you stay int he room, you just don't look at or acknowledge your child unless they get up out of bed. In our case if he was about to jump I picked him up and laid him back down.

I spent an hour and a half sitting on the floor, hopping up to lay him down at lead 30 times before he started to fall asleep standing up. I peeked at him and suddenly he just plopped over asleep. I wited a few minutes and then I left the room. He only slept from 11:00pm to 2:30, then we had to do it again. the second time it took 45 minutes. I gave him some milk and I think that helped because he was thirsty. Josh and I sat there together the second time and at one point he started to get up and I stopped him. Josh leaned over and said, "He's snoring." I thought he was still drinking milk.

Hopefully he will get it by the end of the week and we will have completely reclaimed our bed and our nights.

Otherwise things are going well. We're going to build a pantry for the kitchen this week and hopefully we can paint the bathroom next week since we've had the paint a while.

Jonah is writing on my toes so I think I better go.

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