Thursday, February 19


Did I scare you? Yeah, I know you weren't expecting that. An actual new post??? Wow, I think I just saw a pig fly by.

It does help that I am now no longer sleep deprived. After a lot of effort and some really long nights, Monkey goes to bed at night and doesn't cry when we turn off the lights and leave him alone in his room. He actually goes to sleep. I'm very proud. He has even stayed in his own bed until 7:30 in the morning a couple times. We're working on making that more consistent.

Also, he has been fully weaned. That's what happens when your child gets a virus and pukes any time they drink milk. Even yours. He is eating very well- he likes peas and yogurt and chocolate- and has mostly regained the weight he lost when he was sick. I had to get him a belt in the little boy's section at Target. I had to cut a good foot off of it, but at least he can wear more than one pair of pants now.

Josh is doing well. He's been busy tilling up the garden spot (which is going to be HUGE, by the way- produce anyone?) and building me a pantry and fixing the many things which all seem to have broken at once. He's so handy!

I haven't painted yet, but I plan on getting the new bathroom done before my sisters visit in a week. Theoretically anyway. The rest of the house is slowly getting organized and clean again. It's amazing how out-of-wack my own head gets when my house isn't in order.

Other new things

Jonah's new favorite words:
Violin, Purple, Elmo, ABC, no no no (imagine him shaking a finger while saying it)

Digital converter boxes:
So far I think it stinks. I get more channels, except for NBC, which has entirely disappeared. Also, sometimes the other channels disappear or are just unwatchable. The guy at the 1-800 number said it would probably be like this until June. Seriously? My kid just wants to watch Elmo.

My new bathtub:
I'll post a picture later (hey, just be happy I'm posting). I can't tell you how fabulous it is to stretch out in a tub and NOT have to bend my knees.

That's all for now... Pictures later. New format for the blog later too, I think.


Mindy Mehaffey said...

I thought I saw a pig preparing to take flight this morning! It's good to hear from you!

I love the blog format, especially the happy picture of your house. :)

I'm glad that Jonah is weened and sleeping in his own bed. He's growing up so much... *sigh* I can't believe he says "violin"!!

I want to hear more about this garden of yours. I'm on the very verge of going all "granola," and I don't think it will take much more influence to send me over the endge. Brad and I want to have a garden, too. Tell me all about yours.

michele MD said...

You could give the extra produce to the economically disadvantaged in your community. Hope things are going well for you all!