Saturday, August 2


I'm sitting alone in the house for the first time in a while. I'm not sure how long I have to savor the quiet, but it feels guilty. Life feels kind of squishy right now- like the way the pumpkin you left on the porch for about a month too long gets a bit mushy on one side.

The house is a mess, and it seems I can't catch up. Jonah has the sniffles and it makes him clingy. Money is tight (whose isn't? When hasn't it been?). I haven't done my hair but once this week. It's over 100 degrees outside right now. I need a nap but there is too much to do.

I've been trying to get Jonah on a better schedule, and it's working a little, but nighttime is still quite rough. I'm getting myself a little better organized, and I keep trying to remind myself that it takes a little time to get a house completely in order when you have a small one and you move.

So I'm savoring a little quiet- ignoring the laundry and the clothes that need to be put away. Enjoying the fact that I've already made dinner for Monday and been grocery shopping. I'm being happy that Jonah's room (at least) looks just the way I want it to.

Deep breaths.


Beth said...

hang in there, it will come together

Audrey said...

Chara! I need you to call me ASAP. Love you!

Anonymous said...

It will all get better. No one is
living there but you three and it
doesn't matter if it is messy. It
is all part of real life. I know.
Hug Jonah for me. Love you,
Nana Carol

mindy mehaffey said...

I seriously teared up. I know this is from like a month ago, but I'm sure some (if not a lot) of the feelings still remain.

You're doing great. You truly are. You guys are both making incredible sacrifices for your family. For you to choose to be with Jonah full time, and to make the commitment to move for a better professional opportunity for Josh were very big decisions. And you guys are following through. You're not backing out, and you're not giving up.

You are strong. You're a strong woman, mother, wife, and Christian, and you will get through this stage. It just may not be as "tidy" as you had always envisioned. But don't forget to savor every moment, even the wild ones. Remember the (awesome) song "You're Gunna Miss This," and try not to get so carried away with moving forward that you forget to enjoy every smile from your son and touch from your husband.

You're an incredible person, Chara. I look up to you more than you are aware. Gosh, I wish I lived closer so I could put that laundry away for you while we laugh over poop stories. :)