Thursday, August 7

The Friday Archives and Creative Endeavors

A while back I started posting something called the Friday Archives and then, after three or four weeks I abandoned it. I would like to offer and explanation.

The Friday Archives were supposed to showcase some creative endeavor in my past. However, I found it difficult to post things that were truly indicative of the things I had done. I found three or four more things I could have posted but I realized that most or my creative outlets had been oral, and that I had stopped being very creative after I started work at NSN.

It is often difficult to work for an Arts organization and continue to be an artist yourself. I have found that much of your energy goes into the promotion of the art form and other artists and very little goes back to your own work. Leaving NSN was the best thing I could have done for myself creatively.

That all being said, I have been working on a book, on and off for a while now and recently I found myself more on than off. Hopefully I can finish it this year and see it to the next stage of it's journey.

Instead of showing you something from an Archive of past creativity (because i am sure i could dig up lots of bad High School poetry if you all wanted to hear it!) I would like to try to showcase something of my current creativity. This may be a tall order to meet for tomorrow, but I don't really plan on starting too big. Maybe I'll post a chapter of the book, or maybe a poem, or a picture of the sock fox I'm working on for Jonah... We'll see!

From now on, this is what you'll see on Friday:

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