Wednesday, July 23

Isn't Jonah cute? We really are having a very good summer, even if the unpacking and organizing is going far slower than I would like. I've got a folder full of pictures and articles from magazines of things to do to the house. *sigh*

As for my last post, things are getting better. For a while there it was just a mass of glove carnage- fingers everywhere and stuffing fuzzing up the place. I have the form completely sewn together. It's actually in the wash right now (don't ask) and I have picked out the buttons to use for the eyes. I have several bags of old buttons somewhere- who knows where- and I picked two out from a bag I could find. Hopefully this will come out better than I think it is going to at this moment. I realized today that I have some cosmetic surgery I will need to do to the ears after it gets out of the dryer. I'll post some pics after I finish it and find my camera.

I know I have yet to post pictures of the house, but I really will soon. After I clean up and find my camera.

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Anonymous said...

I really miss that smile! I can see Jonah is enjoying his pool.
Maybe he will surpass his Daddy
playing the Harmonica. Keep Kool.
Nana Carol