Monday, May 19

If my life were a book and it had a theme, it would be this:
Be open to whatever comes next- God is in charge and He won't ignore your needs.

I haven't had the time to go back and reread a lot of my blog, (if I did I would probably be embarrassed) but if I did I think I would find that I waste a lot of energy being upset or worried or even just overly concerned about what is going to happen next in my life, or how I am going to fix my problems. Sadly, I need to be reminded of this theme quite often.

I was in a class in grad school a few years ago and I made a comment that surprised me at the time. I'm not sure of the exact topic of conversation, but it had something to do with preparing yourself for performance. I said, "My goal is always to come back to the center of things- otherwise my story won't be any good."
I found an almost identical statement in a journal I kept while I was still at Lipscomb- "I am going to have to learn how to focus on my Center [in the sense of my creator] before I can live well."

One of my favorite books is by Elizabeth Elliot. It's called, "Discipline: The Glad Surrender". I recommend it for anyone who wants to become serious about their spiritual life. In one part of the book Ms. Elliot says, "The closer one comes to the center of things, the better able he is to observe the connections. Everything created is connected, for everything is produced by the same mind, the same love and is dependent on the same Creator."

The call of my Creator brings me back to my center. It seems that in times when I am forced to be dependent on Him I am brought forcefully back to the center- the basis of all things. Perhaps if I could learn to focus there first I would stop forgetting that theme that runs steadily along.

Last Thursday wee closed on our house. I didn't want to leave it. I was a little bitter even though it was something I had agreed to do. Now I am [trying to] looking forward to the next place we live and the next adventure. Even now we are not settled, and we won't be for a while. So... back to the center I go.


Beth said...

we love you and are very proud of the 3 of you

Mindy said...

Chara, we are all very proud of your surrender to God's will. We never really know where He may lead us next, but your family is following His lead. You know we are all (I am) too sad to see you go, really, but I fully trust that the Lord has great plans for you guys in OK and we'll only realize them after they have been completed. Thanks for reminding me to rely on God when things seem crazy and chaotic. You are an incredible inspriation and example. Thank you.