Saturday, May 17

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Sorry I'm a day late. Josh and I spent most of last week loading up a truck with all of our belongings and then driving them to Oklahoma on Thursday and Friday. Sadly, the truck was rigged to go no faster than 70 miles per hour so it was a rather long trip. Jonah sat between us in the front of the truck so he didn't mind it too much.

For my Mother

I don't think I ever imagined that
we would be- Friends
AS it were, in the emotional chaos
Of puberty, adolescence and
My phase of self-establishment,
I hardly thought to tell you
My wildest desires, My thoughts, My dreams.
And now you know the kind of man I want,
And you advise me when I do not understand.
I finally let you love me when I am unlovable and lonely and tired.
It is almost as if a storm has passed.
As though I have been set free,
Instead of diapered and put down for a nap.
So when I am doing taxes alone,
Changing the oil in my car,
Or cooking dinner for someone else,
I will know that the one who labored ot give me my life,
And struggled so hard to teach me how best to live it,
Is now my friend.

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AM said...

Did your house sell??