Tuesday, January 8

Where in the world is Chara Watson?

Well, after weeks of silence, here I am again.
But where exactly am I?

Good question. Josh's first class was Monday morning and Jonah and I decided (after a long talk) that we didn't want to be away from him. So, we packed up in a hurry and took of last Thursday for the wilds of Oklahoma. We assumed the wilds would be a bit colder than the mild mid-60's this week produced, so we're a bit overdressed- but we're here.

Jonah dealt with the 12 hour trip pretty well, though the last day and a half of rest and immobility has been refreshing. It's also been nice to spend a bit of time with my cousin Audrey, who has been preparing to return to school in Austin, but has graciously spent quite a bit of time with us anyway.

Josh said that his first day of classes went well. Since it mostly just involved handing out the syllabus and introducing himself he felt pretty good about it. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

Oops, Jonah's waking up... more in a little while


Anonymous said...

Well its about time.
Haven't you gotten cousin Audry to take pictures of Jonah yet?

Love you Mom

Elizabeth said...

well, now that you are in Oklahoma you'll have to come see some of us Okie relatives.
We need to meet Jonah.
Love having you here with us.
Aunt Beth and Cuz Reba

Audrey said...


That is all.