Saturday, December 1

just showing off

Just for those of you who won't see Jonah anytime soon- there isn't any sound, but I've been experimenting with the video function on our new camera.
Just a little shot of Jonah...


Brandee said...

There's sound! He is a doll.

Millie said...

Hi Chara,
He's a pretty cute little guy. Millie

Jenn H said...

Chara ~ what a precious peanut! And what a blessing! I love looking at new babies, it makes me wonder what must have been going through Mary's head when she looked at Jesus. God fit in There? :)

Anonymous said...

Just the best looking little bright eyed baby in the world!! Miss you all.
Carol (Nana) Watson

rafred said...

Chara, you have a beautiful son! I've been so out of touch with the world lately that I missed keeping up with you when you gave birth. Congratulations...seriously. Wow! Seven hours of labor that is awesome. You did it!

He is wonderful! Our family has moved to West Virginia. It was a three month process and I'm just now starting to breathe, but I'm pulling up my boot straps for that final thesis push. I WILL finish in the next month or two.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.