Wednesday, November 7

Lesson learned...

There is a bit of construction going on in my house- the addition of a new shower, which I am sure I will be enjoying tremendously- but this isn't great for small babies and really tired moms.
So I took Jonah over to my parent's house in Franklin.

This is the first time I had driven since I gave birth and certainly the first time I'd driven with Jonah in the car. Usually I am in the back seat with him when we go somewhere, but I was driving, so I couldn't see him and I was nervous anyway. It took me close to 30 minutes to get to Franklin in the middle of the day- usually a 20 minute drive. I drove 65 on the interstate, which isn't really all that unreasonable since there's been construction and the speed limit has been changed to 60. I was still being passed like crazy. The guy eating the taco in the van behind me was not amused at my speed, but I didn't feel bad because I was in the right lane. I was kind of glad when he and his taco passed me after 6 miles.

It was a nice quiet afternoon. Jonah slept and my Mom and I talked. Around 4:00 I fed Jonah and changed him and got ready to go home. I was holding him when I felt something warm and wet. Jonah's mustardy poo had come out the back of his diaper. His last diaper. Normally my Mom keeps diapers and things for emergencies, but she didn't have any that would fit Jonah. They were all size 4. He's been wearing preemies.

So I cleaned him up- and ran out of wipes. We managed to fold up one of Haydn's size 4 diapers and get him covered. He didn't even pee in it on the way home.

The moral of the story?
Don't go out without way more diapers and wipes than you think you need.

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Brandee said...

AAAAHHHHH....the lessons of motherhood! I remember those days.