Thursday, November 8


I've been interested in felting for a while now. I continually see really cute hats and purses that are made of old wool sweaters that someone cut up, sewed together and then felted. They're always really snuggly and they look so warm. However, I've never tried felting anything.

Laura made Jonah a sea monster rattle that she felted and it's really cute. It makes me want to try felting more than I already did. I would post a picture but it's almost time for Jonah to eat and it might take more time than I have to take one and upload it just now- I promise to do it later!

Another thing that makes me want to try felting even more is this website. This woman was featured in Cottage Living, a magazine my husband picked up the other day. She makes the most awesome quilts out of old wool sweaters that she puts together and felts. I took a peek at her website and if anyone is buying handmade for Christmas I would love this one!

Um- Just kidding, Laura.

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