Sunday, November 25

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving was a quiet affair this year. No traveling, except to Franklin for the afternoon. In years past my family spent Thanksgiving with family- imagine at least 20 grandkids and 12-15 aunts and Uncles, two to four Grandparents (sometimes they weren't mine) and other various guests. Plus a table of more food than we could possibly consume. Pretty Standard American Fare.

This year Josh and I slept in and relaxed with Jonah. We had a fire and some leftovers from the fridge for lunch- then off to Franklin around three to see family and eat smoked turkey and cranberry salad.

Yesterday we got a tree and I decorated it while Jonah watched. We're not doing a lot of decorating this year, but it's really nice to come into the house and smell the tree. It doesn't feel like it should be time for Christmas this year, but it seems to be here anyway. I've given my Mother my Christmas list but there isn't anything on there that I am super-excited about. I guess I already got my big present this year- all 9 pounds of him is sitting next to me right ow, trying to be patient with his hiccups and focused on keeping his pacifier in his mouth. A tall order for a tiny one.

Josh and I have been taking things quietly the last few days, and I have a feeling we will continue to do so this season. I've complained for a long time about the constant change in my life- my desire for consistency and predictability- but I've decided that it's not going to ever be predictable, so we ought to enjoy the quiet moments where we get them.


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