Monday, July 9

And now for something completely different!

So here are the photos that I poromised.
We Spent Saturday and Sunday outside Chatanooga at a campground in Georgia called Cloudland Canyon State Park. Josh took some photos of me in front of the canyon. This was literally the only place you could stand int he park to get a good swift breeze, so I was reluctant to move. Also, it rained on us both nights, though I am glad to report that our tent is in fact waterproof.
Josh took a hike down the canyon to see some waterfalls- sadly there hadn't been enough rain int he last few days to make most of them very impressive. This is the best picture he got, in my opinion. After we left the park we drove to Edisto Island, SC and stayed at the Southerly B&B right off one of the creeks that feeds into the ocean. The grass was amazingly green and there were tons of old Oak trees with Spanish Moss hanging from them. There was also a hammock. We need to get a hammock.
On our second day in Edisto Josh took a Kayak tour of one of the creeks (I found a book store) and then we took a boat tour of the wildlife and the islands in the area. I'd never seen dolphins before.
We also managed to get a bit sunburned on our first day. We ate lunch out on the beach while it was cloudy, and then Josh decided he wanted to go swimming, so we went back to the car, put on sunscreen, and got the towels. Here's Josh in the Ocean.

These are Josh's shoes, and my attempt to be artistic. MMMmmm. My husband.
I mostly sat on the beach and watched people from behind my sunglasses. It was a really beautiful, sunny day.
Later we went to Charleston, and these are some of Josh's pictures.
We ate at a great French restaurant that you all should really, really try if you're ever in Charleston. It's called Gaulart and Maliclet and the food was wonderful. I had the fruit salad with French bread and goat cheese and an iced coffee, and Josh had the O'Salmon, which was Toasted Canadian Rye bread, Goat cheese, Smoked Salmon with seafood soup .

We also spent the last three days in Edisto with a group of members from our old church in Johnson City helping to build the Edisto Island church of Christ. The church there is pretty tiny and they've been trying to build a building for years now- literally. They're doing it basically by hand because they don't have the money to hire a contractor. The youth group from Central goes down every summer to do whatever wok they can to help get the work as far as they can in a week. You can get a lot done with 40 or 50 people.

Josh and I hope to be able to make a trip back next year to help. Josh was talking to them about maybe renting a tractor or bush hog to get the property cleared so they can start landscaping. I guess I'll be the popscicle queen (It gets super hot in SC in the summer) since I'll have lump to take care of.

Other things going on:
--My Mom's Birthday is today and we'll be having a birthday party this Saturday for her. Anyone who wants to come should give me a call. ;)
--Tomorrow I'll be making a presentation to a class at Lipscomb University about Storytelling in schools. I'm trying to get all my materials together today so i can get the girls in the class some handouts.
--Josh bought a kayak. We picked it up in Atlanta on the way back from Edisto and he's very excited.

Ummm- that's pretty much all.


nancy said...

You look so cute pregnant......

Scott said...

Chara, it was good meeting you and Josh when you came down to work on the building. We look forward to seeing you guys again and meeting your newest!