Tuesday, May 29

new beginnings

Currently I am making coffe and going through a file I kept in my drawer at work. I am working out the details on my job search. Or maybe I should say JobS search. I need a teaching position for the fall and a summer job to keep us from living on Ramen noodles and beans.

So later this morning I will dress and drive myself over to a few close schools and try to drop off copies of my resume with principals. This is not something I excel at. I feel more comfortble if I think I'm not bothering anyone- however, I am ready to risk bugging someone for the sake of our new house.

I love this house. I know- I KNOW! Everyone keeps asking me to post some pictures of the amazing house, and I probably will tonight after we get a few more things taken care of. We intended to get more done this weekend, but got interupted by Louise.

Who is Louise you ask? My fabulous new niece who decided to come five days early!! Her name is actually Louise Jane (and it fits her) and she is the essence of perfection. Sigh! Laura had maybe the easiest labor of nyone I've ever heard of. As soon as you get pregnent everyone wants to tell you their horrific birth stories, but my little sister went into labor at 1:30 on Sunday morning, spent the next 8 or 9 hours relaxing, drove to the hospital, checked in, and gave birth right around 4:00pm to a 7 lb baby without a single hitch!! We drove up to see her yesterday and she looked like she was ready for anything- she'd even done her hair. I'm hoping that I can copy that.There were other worthwhile things this week, though nothing as exciting as Louise. We planted some flowers around the house and I was able to cut a bunch of roses for the house and for Laura from our bush out front. Also we got a grill and saw some good friends of ours who have also been expecting and who also gave birth this weekend. Josh and I are looking forward to meeting Brady Stover pretty soon.

Tune in next time: Is it a boy or a girl? We'll know tomorrow!!!


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Laura and John said...

I can't help but comment on the word "easy." The labor was problem free, and not too long. But I wouldn't call it easy. In fact, it was down-right laborious.